Afternoon Tea Party

My good friend Amy is about to have a baby so I decided what more perfect way to celebrate the radiant glow of a mummy-to-be than with cake. I invited all of her friends over and we sat down to a glamorous afternoon tea with tiny triangular finger sandwiches, h'orderves, a good selection of pretty little cakes and not forgetting multiple cups of tea. I decorated the room with bunting using cutout shapes of baby gros hung up with little pegs and of course balloons. We finished with a game of baby bingo where the winner won the table arrangement.

The biggest successes in my opinion were the Peppermint Tea flavoured mini cupcakes and the Maple & Pecan cake, which I will post as separate recipes later. The rasberry cheesecake brownies were delightful too, courtesy of a fantastic Hummingbrid Bakery recipe. Lots more pictures of the tea party below.

Rasberry Cheesecake Brownies

Salmon & cream cheese

Rose Flavoured Cupcakes to take home

Maple & Pecan Cake Recipe

Presents for Amy

My beautiful never before used china

"A Baby is Brewing Invitations"

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  1. Afternoon Tea Party! I am just in love with the photos. They yummy food photos have made me feel hungry while I just had my food, HAHA. Anyways, I also would throw a vintage tea party for my son at one of the prettiest LA venues for my mom’s 50th birthday. You’ve given me plenty of ideas for that bash.