UK Alternatives to US Baking Ingredients

UK Alternatives to American Cake Ingredients
It can be really annoying when you find an awesome looking cake that you desperately want to bake, but you can't find any of the ingredients here in the UK, or you have no idea what the alternatives are. I've done some research, and here are the closest and best readily available-in-the-UK alternative ingredients to some common American recipe ingredients.

Most US ingredients easily translate into UK ingredients, they just have different names, however some ingredients are special to the US so for those I have suggested the best equivalents, or ways to make your own substitutes. There are a few things you can pick up in places like Selfridges or Tesco's American Grocery Isle, but why go out of your way to buy them, when you probably have something just as good in your cupboard already.

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US Ingredient UK Equivalent 1 UK Equivalent 2 UK Equivalent 3
All Purpose Flour Plain Flour

Baking Soda Bicarbonate of Soda

Bisquick / Biscuit Mix Scone mix (available in most supermarkets) Make your own - scone mix recipe here
Bitter-sweet Chocolate Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa solids or more

Bread Flour Strong Flour

Cake and Pastry Flour Plain Flour 2tbsp Cornflour to every 100g Plain Flour, sifted well.
Cane Syrup Golden Syrup

Canola Oil Rapeseed Oil

Confectioners Sugar Icing Sugar

Cool Whip Dream Topping

Cornmeal Polenta Maize Flour "Natco" available in health food section of some Supermarkets
Cornstarch Cornflour

Dark Corn Syrup Treacle "Karo" available in Tesco American Isle
Graham Crackers Digestive and Rich Tea Biscuits combined Ginger Biscuits Shortbread
Graham Flour Wholemeal Flour

Half and Half 50% Milk to 50% Double Cream 50% Milk to 50% Whipping Cream Single Cream
Heavy Cream Double Cream

Kosher / Course Salt Sea Salt Rock Salt, ground
Light Cream Single Cream

Light Corn Syrup Golden Syrup "Karo" available in Tesco American Isle
Marshmallow Fluff Available from Amazon or Tesco American Isle Make your own Marshmallow Fluff Recipe Melted Marshmallows 
Molasses Treacle Maple Syrup Honey
Pine Kernals Pine Nuts

Powdered Sugar Icing Sugar

Refrigerator Biscuits Not readily available in UK. It is a dough for American biscuits (which are like savoury scones, not cookies) that is bought frozen/chilled. Here is a recipe to make your own refrigerator biscuit dough.
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Dark Chocolate with 50% Cocoa solids or less Plain Chocolate
Shortening / Crisco Brands "Trex", "Flora White" or "Cookeen" Softened Butter Lard
Sweetened Coconut 35g desiccated coconut to 1tbsp icing sugar to 1tbsp hot water, left to soak

Super Fine Sugar Caster Sugar

White Sugar / Table Sugar Granulated Sugar

Whole Wheat Flour Wholemeal Flour

White Cake Mix Dry ingredients for a delicate sponge cake made with egg whites. Made with sugar, flour, powdered milk, baking powder & bicarbonate of soda. When ready to use, lard/shortening, water, vanilla and eggs whites are added to turn it into a cake batter. Here's a recipe.
Yellow Cake Mix Dry ingredients for a traditional sponge cake. Made with sugar, flour, powdered milk, baking powder, salt, butter & vanilla. When ready to use, water and whole eggs are added to turn it into a cake batter. Here's a recipe.


  1. This is really helpful Rosie as a lot of my magazines are from the US. I always just go to American Soda in Ashton for ingredients but this is very useful for when I can't get out there. Thanks!!

  2. Do we have an equivalent to 12-oz. tubes refrigerated biscuits

  3. Thank you for this, so informative and appreciated x

  4. You can get molasses at health food shops, found that out a couple of years ago. For buttermilk (which is used often in American baking), you can substitute 1 tbsp. plain live yogurt with some milk to have the same lift and flavor of buttermilk (it will be a thinner mixture than buttermilk so add the milk a little at a time.) or use the old standbys of adding a tablespoon or vinegar or lemon juice to milk. Using butter in place of Crisco will change the consistency of the final product- not hugely, but Trex is the closest in my experience. Have fun baking!

    Kind regards,
    American living in UK for nearly 18 years who loves baking

    1. Thanks for the tips! Buttermilk has just started in the last few years to become available, but only in major supermarkets like Tesco.

  5. Awesome! Many thanks and much appreciated x

  6. super helpful. thanks soooo much for sharing :D <3 x

  7. I find a mixture of digestve and rich tea biscuits taste nearer to graham crackers than all digestives.

  8. I use whey left over from straining my yogurt to make cream cheese in place of buttermilk in pancakes and scones. Not as thick as buttermilk but seems to add the same lovely rich flavor .

  9. Does anyone have any suggestions for a chocolate biscuit crust? I really don't want to have to buy Oreos, split them, scrape the filling out and just use what's left! Who would have thought it could be so hard to find a chocolate - not chocolate covered - biscuit/cookie????

    1. Do you think Bourbons would work? They might be a bit cheaper than Oreos anyhow!

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    3. keep the middle bit in the oreos in, just crush them as you normally would, and just put a bit less marg/butter into it. i do this all the time and it comes out lovely. bourbons would work too, i've even used the cheaper tesco own biscuits and they all work fine.

  10. This is a great converter, very helpful. i watch alot of American recipes and this has made my life alot easier. Thanks

  11. That is a good converter, great. when i check out much Us formulas and this also possesses manufactured gaming many much easier.

  12. Kosher salt is just salt, however it is flaked so a lot less dense than rock or ground salt, so normal volume measurements don't read across well. You can buy Maldon brand salt flakes here in most supermarkets which are similar.

  13. When i uncover a number of digestive in addition to loaded herbal tea biscuits preference more detailed to help graham crackers in comparison with many digestives.

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  16. Hello Dear,

    I'm a verfars biscuit manufacturer in sri lanka and I made some biscuits but those all are get wet quickly and I need to know a ingredient that can reduce the quick wet and use biscuits some more time so please suggest me a ingredient or recipe that can reduce getting wet quickly.

  17. hi rosie, cn you tell me an alternative to something called biscuit mix for a recipe I would like to try please. Is it the refridgerator biscuits in your chart or is it something else/

    1. =Biscuit Mix is basically a scone mix (Biscuits are a sort of savoury scone/dumpling that they eat with gravy in the US). You can buy a bag of "scone mix" in Tesco or Sainsbury's from the baking section, or you can just make it yourself. Here's a recipe:

  18. hi rosie, can you tell me an alternative to something called biscuit mix for a recipe I would like to try please. Is it the refridgerator biscuits in your chart or is it something else or is it bisquick, a little

  19. As a fan of Baking, it is really appreciated that you share this.